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Invited international professors' lectures at DCCU

  • Eveniment stiintific, 9 noiembrie 2018: "Useful Online Resources and Educational Tools for Teaching English for Tourism and Hospitality" Tijana Dabic, Poster.
  • Eveniment stiintific, 7 noiembrie 2018: "Legal translation scandals or unavoidable miscommunication problems" Aleksandra Matulewska, Poster.
  • Eveniment stiintific, 24 mai 2018: "Equivalence and Localization in Literary Translation: A Case Study" Ertugrul Koç, Poster.
  • Eveniment stiintific, 23 mai 2018: "Chutnification and Translation" Mustafa Kirca, Poster.
  • Eveniment stiintific, 5 iunie 2017: "La méditerranéité chez Ezza Agha Malak. Une méditerranéité féminine" Efstratia OKTAPODA, Poster.
  • Eveniment stiintific, 30 mai 2017: "Slovene and Czech Women Writers" Alenka Jensterle-Doležal, Poster.
  • Eveniment stiintific, 17 noiembrie 2016: "Legal Linguistics about Religious Freedom" Frank S. Ravitch, Prezentare.
  • Eveniment stiintific, 25 octombrie 2015: "The once and future university" Dr. Michael A. Peters Prezentare.




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