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Welcome to the webpage of the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures
     The Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures (FLLS) is one of the most dynamic faculties of „Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University, preparing future specialists in humanities, in accordance with the needs of the labour market. After graduation, our students can work as: teacher in secondary schools, translators, interpreters, editorialists, readers, commentators, publicists, education advisor, corrector, press correspondent, documentarist, script reader, writer, researcher, cultural and linguistic mediator.

   Teaching activities at FLLS is centered on the students’ learning needs and it is carried out through modern and interactive teaching methods, special attention being given to the relationship with our students and to the creation of an environment in which learning is done in a pleasant and interactive way. The teaching staff of our faculty have participated over the years at numerous training sessions in Romania and abroad, acquiring the necessary abilities for a teaching process suitable to the present times. Our faculty also benefits from the presence of foreign teachers and interns, thus ensuring the contact with native speakers. The students’ teaching practice is carried out within collaboration agreements with cultural institutes, translation offices, foreign language centers, libraries, press agencies, governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations.

Scientific research represents a fundamental component of higher education. Our teachers, master students and undergraduate students can participate at the international conferences and scientific sessions organized every year by oir faculty, as well as at the round-tables and scientific workshops which are held periodically. The academic journal of FLLS – Annals of “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University. Linguistics, Literature and Methodology of Teaching – which is indexed in several international databases, publishes the results of the research carried out in our faculty. Moreover, FLLS has concluded cooperation agreements with the French Cultural Institute, the Russian Institute of Science and Culture, the „Yusuf Emre” Turkish Cultural Institute, the „Friedrich Schiller” Cultural House, the Institute for South-East European Studies of the Romanian Academy, the Association of Japanese Language Teachers in Romania etc. Our faculty organizes and is also the co-organizer of numerous international conferences.

Cultural activities are an essential part of the academic life at FLLS. Our students benefit from meetings with remarkable personalities of the Romanian and foreign cultural life – writers, actors, literary critics, invited professors etc. – as well as from visits to cultural sites in Bucharest. Every year, the departments of the faculty organize Cultural Evenings, which consist of culture-specific theatrical performances, music, dance and so on. All these events complement the process of learning foreign languages and cultures.

International relations are a defining characteristic of the Faculty of Foreign Langauges and Literatures and are carried out within the framework of the inter-university collaboration agreements. More concretely, they consist of joint research programmes and student and teaching staff mobilities. The faculty is part of the ERASMUS programme, our students having the possibility to spend one or more semesters in our partner countries (Germany, France, Austria). The credits that they get while studying abroad are automatically transferred when they return, according to the European credit transfer and accumulation system (ECTS). Morever, our faculty also has academic agreements with universities outside the European Union (Japan, Turkey, The Russian Federation, China, Maroc) and our students benefit from study scholarships in these countries.


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