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Conferinte internationale

  • International Conference Literature, Media and Law, 18-19 June, 2021. Web page

  • International Conference Current Trends in the Study and Teaching of Foreign Languages, 14 May, 2021. Web page

  • International Conference Rethinking intimacy in Women's Reading and Writing at the Peripheries of Europe Webinar at the University of Gothenburg , 1 October 2020. Webinar

  • 4th International Conference EUROFRINGES, TRANSLATING TEXTS, TRANSLATING CULTURES, 7-9 June 2019, 2019. Web page

  • International Conference Language for Specific Purposes: Communication and Cultural Context, 8-9 November, 2018. Poster

  • International Conference Mapping Cultural Identities: Translations and Intersections, 25-26 May, 2018. Web page

  • Journée d’études organisée par le Centre de Recherche Linguistique et Interculturelle Relire Germaine de Staël deux cents ans apres sa mort , 24 Novembre, 2017. Brosura si Album foto

  • International Conference Rethinking Intimacy: Representation, Scenes and Scenarios of Intimacy in Women's reading and writing (1700s to 1900s), 22-24 September, 2016. Brosura si Album foto

  • Conferinta: Japan: Pre-modern, Modern, and Contemporary, Editia IV, 1-3 septembrie 2016. Brosura

  • Program Conferinta Internationala The Gender Construct of Society, 22-24 Aprilie, 2016. Brosura.

  • Program TRAINING: Gender in Research: Introduction, Methods and Practical Examples, Capacity Building Workshop for Researchers - COST Targeted Network TN1201 25th April, 2016. Album foto.

  • Conferinta Internationala Eurofringes editia III, 17-19 septembrie 2015. Brosura.

  • Conferinta Internationala Eurofringes editia II, 30 mai 2014. Brosura. Album foto

  • Conferinta: Japan: Pre-modern, Modern, and Contemporary, 1-3 septembrie 2014

  • Conferinta: Hegemonie si smerenie: Bazele economice ale puterii economice japoneze

  • Eurofringes, I editie, Conferinta Internationala a Facultatii de Limbi si Literaturi Straine (FLLS), 6-8 Iunie 2013.




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